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The New Creighton Court Community

After a decade of visioning and planning, the redevelopment of the Creighton Court site is under way.
The redevelopment will transform the 504 Creighton Court units into a vibrant community with 600-700 units offering different levels of affordability. Plans for the new community are guided by extensive input from residents and East End stakeholders.

The new community will include townhouses, apartments, rental homes, and for-sale homes. It will bring new public spaces and amenities into the neighborhood, including a string of parks, green spaces and playgrounds, as well as a community center with programming for families and seniors.


Choice for Creighton Residents

Resident options for relocation:

Newly transformed Creighton Court Community

(temporary move to Phase 2 or 3. Permanent move to PBV at new Creighton phase)

Other RRHA public housing


The redevelopment of Creighton Court will take many years to complete. Demolition will occur in 3 phases, beginning with Phase 1. The timeline for each phase construction phase will be dependent on funding. The Proposed Timeline for Phase 1 is:

Resident relocation complete!

Summer 2022: Abatement and removal of vacant buildings!

Spring 2023 - Summer 2023: Infrastructure construction

Summer 2023 - Fall 2024 Construction of NEW Phase A

Fall 2024 Residents move to new homes at Creighton


Who's Involved

Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) and the City of Richmond have been planning for the redevelopment of Creighton Court since 2011. RRHA selected The Community Builders (TCB) in 2014 to lead the developments at Armstrong Renaissance and Creighton Court. The developments are made possible by a variety of other stakeholders, including Virginia Housing and the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development.